Fund Raising

Valour means being courageous when things go bad.  Things can go bad or upside down in a child’s life for no reason of their own.

It could be that they were born with a disability or they were neglected by their parents when they were young; or their dad was abusive to them and their mother; or they have been forced or bullied do things against their will which is detrimental to them, their family or to people around them.

Valour Youth need to raise money to provide after school facilities to protect these children from harm.

We want to provide these children with hope.  We want to provide these children with the opportunity to succeed.  We want these children to be proud of who they are and to support their communities.  We want to improve these young people’s self-esteem and give them self-worth.

We need these funds to provide peer mentors, befrienders and after school teachers to give these young people the support that need during the time when schools are closed and there is no support available to them.

The only support for these young people is the emergency service like the Police or Social Services and when these services are called it is usually too late to save these young people.

Your funds will help sponsor a child and to give them the chance to have support out of school hours.  To give them support in the evenings, weekends and during the holiday period.

In 2016, let us reduce children abuse, domestic abuse, child poverty, young crime and child sexual abuse or exploitation.

By recruiting more out of school services like mentors and after school activities for these children, we can give these children the courage they need to overcome any adversity that they may face.  We will give them a voice and the resilience to succeed in life. 

This work is so important to us and we hope that this is also important to you.

We would like thank you for being there for these children and changing their world for the better and giving courage, valour, to these young people in 2016.

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