Men Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Intervention

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0800 073 1325

Referrals to Mighty Men of Valour

To refer a learner or client, simply add your name, email and contact number, and also state the type of support you require for your learner/client.


Referral Form:

MMOV offer one to one support and also group sessions.

Please feel free to contact us on:

0800 073 1325


to discuss our services in more detail.

Our referral process is easy!

1. Telephone or email us to discuss your client and the support you require for them.

2. Email us to confirm what was discussed and the required  support and the agreed outcomes that are expected after our engagement with your client.

3. MMOV will email you or telephone you to comfirm the start date, end date, venue, and time of support.

4. If there is a cost to any of our services, we will always discuss and confirm this with you by telephone and/or email, prior to starting the support sessions. There are no hidden costs to our service.

5. MMOV are able to support clients during the day, evenings and weekends. 

6. MMOV have found that on average that six sessions is sufficient for each client in order to evidence a significant change in their behaviour and attitude towards their partner, their children and family. There maybe a cost for this service.

One to one or group sessions for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

Mighty Men of Valour offer one to one support and also group sessions to both men and women.  

We have found our one to one sessions are more effective as clients are unable to avoid confronting personal issues.

  • Referrals are easy to make.
  • We are able to support clients during the week, and also in the evening and weekends.  This is excellent for clients who are working, in full-time education or have other day time commitments.

  We look at:

  • Triggers to Domestic Violence
  • The Power and Control Wheel
  • Child Protection and how DV affects children and the family
  • Every Child Matters
  • Change and Behaviour management
  • Limited or Loss of access or contact with children
  • Loss of Employment or Criminal Conviction
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Outcomes for men

Outcomes for non-school age men:

  • Improved relationships - partner/spouse/children
  • Improved self-control
  • Reduced self-harm
  • Reduced anti social behaviour
  • Anger management
  • Domestic Violence prevention
  • Child Protection intervention
  • Crime reduction

No Excuse for Domestic Abuse

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Men Against Domestic Violence - Mighty Men of Valour

In 20th January 2014, Mighty Men of Valour launched their " Men Against Domestic Violence and Pornography" campaign at the House of Commons with Mr Steve Reed OBE, MP, for Croydon North.

Mighty Men of Valour has focused on the Domestic Violence element of our campaign  first and developed the campaign slogan to "No Excuse for Domestic Abuse" and has created a short Video with The Challenge Network Youth Group.

DV video by  young people at the Challenge Network 2014

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