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Riddlesdown Collegiate 2015

Matthew's Story:

—“Frederick visited me once a week at school to help and support me with quite a few difficulties I was having in school and personal life.  
—Frederick would either help with school work I had to do  or just chat about things going on in my life, his support was brilliant and he would chat to me on the phone if I needed to. He gave me advice and was very positive with me.  Frederick made a very big difference in my attitude in school and outside, my progress and behaviour in school improved during year 11.”
—“I have a passion for golf my handicap is 5,  it helped me to release my anger during my bad times at school, nowadays I am a lot more chilled and I really appreciate Fredericks help and support he gave me in the past.”

The Family Centre - Fieldway New Addington - 2015

The Family Centre has worked in Collaboration and Partnership with Mighty Men of Valour on numerous projects, and has found the organisation to be professional at all times, catering for the emerging needs of their client base, whilst providing genuine care, and an understanding of individuals circumstances.

Mighty Men of Valour are a non-judgmental organisation, who works hard to put clients at ease, whilst raising self-esteem and confidence of young people they engage with and other agencies that they work with.

Manager: Julia Weller


Charles Darwin School - 10/07/2015

Tyreece's Story:
Tyreece has made significant progress since being supported by Frederick from Mighty Men of Valour.
—Tyreece has gone from being on the cusp of permanent exclusion to a young man that has radically changed his behaviour.
—Other interventions had been tried previously but nothing seemed to be working until Tyreece started working with Frederick. 
—As a school we have seen Frederick work his magic before and feel that if anyone can help our more challenging students, Frederick can.

Mrs Karen Kingsley

Pastoral Manager Years 8 & 9  


Charles Darwin School - 2015

Morgan's Story:

Hi Frederick

Just wanted to let you know that Morgan has a very successful Year 11 and was eligible to attend our school Prom, which has a strict criteria based on effort in class, attendance and punctuality.  He looked a very smart young man in his suit and the change in his behaviour and attitude over the past two years was commented on by a number of staff, including his Form Tutor.

However, following your intervention (and I would love to be able to ‘bottle’ your secret formula for turning round these young men), he has matured into a polite student with a positive outlook for his future.  His behaviour record improved significantly and he has set himself a goal for a future career as a Personal Trainer.  He has enrolled into a college to study fitness and training from September.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into Morgan and I know he was not an easy customer in the early stages, but your kindness and persistence really paid off.

I will forward you a picture of Morgan in his Prom suit, when the photos come through.

Kind regards

Julie Gater
Pastoral Manager
Key Stage 4
Charles Darwin 10/07 2015
Dylan's Story:
Dylan engaged well with Frederick and was able to talk to Frederick about the problems and difficulties he has been experiencing. 
—As Dylan has always found it hard to trust and open up to adults, this was in itself a turnaround and a help to him we feel. 
—If anyone can influence Dylan into making the right choices in life we feel Frederick can.  Dylan knows that should he need Fredericks support in the future, he just has to let us know.

Mrs Karen Kingsley

Pastoral Manager Years 8 & 9

Park Hill Junior School 2015
"Our school have used MMV for 2 years and have seen great improvements in the behaviour and well being of the children that are mentored. The holistic approach that is taken - involving not only child but family and school - means that the child's issues and problems are effectively tackled and resolved.
This not only has a positive impact on the child and their learning and well- being but their family, teachers and peers. As a school we would highly recommend MMV.' 
Lucy Pelling
SENCO, Park Hill Junior School
Tel: 0208 686 8623
Bayhano Riley - previous Service user (2013-2015),
Now Trustee (2015-present)
Thank you.
Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to testify about Frederick Clarke and the wonderful work he has done for me. I was in a bad place regarding my faith and had feeling of being unloved and unworthy by God, and a deep terror about being condemned to hell for my action. Frederick sat down and helped me to study the bible critically and helped me to revaluate my beliefs in ways which has helped me to cope better with my faith, and has given me a peace of mind and assurance which has not been there previously. I strongly believe in the work that Frederick does, and would fully recommend him to anyone. He has really helped me to engage with the wider work that Mighty Men of Valour does, and has really bought me out of my shell, through working as a Trustee for the charity.

Yours Faithfully

Bayhano Riley

Baron Herman Ouseley -  House of Lords

Hi Frederick,

It was a pleasure to have you all at the House of Lords recently and thank you so much for the Award.

The guests were marvellous and the work being done with them is inspirational. They are the future so you also must continue with all the excellent work with and for the young people.

All good wishes.

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