WWOV About Us

The Women of Valour (WOV) programmes offer support services that empower women and their families to transform their lives. Women of Valour is an international women’s forum which looks at the problems face women and how to solve them. The organisation, is a registered charity, has been active in the community since August 2009. WOV has many objectives, which it delivers through its programme of mentoring, training, advocacy and employment, including:
  • Crime reduction
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse
  • Child poverty
  • Reduce Inequality
  • Public Health
  • Faith
  • Personal and Family Relationships
  • Education and Employment
  • Community cohesion
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    Women of Valour has a dedicated support team who devote their time and energy to assist their clients with dignity, respect and empathy. Information, advice and support is also provided for women on issues such as personal development, relationships, courting, married and career development.
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