Our Vision

Welcome to Women of Valour

Background and Aim

When Mighty Men of Valour was created in 2002 the purpose was to reach men. Our Charity was and still is based around British Christian values and were more focused at encouraging men to be the best that they could be. We believed that if we could encourage men to look at the roles they play within the home and society with the view of enhancing them as positive role models at home and within society, this would improve family life and show our younger generation of boys/men how to become positive role models in society, We believed that if we encouraged men to support their spouses and their children, this would improve the quality of lives, relationships with their relatives, friends, and their community as a whole.

For Women

However, what about those women who were not married? Who were not in a relationship? Who wanted to focus on their career or who did not want to be in a relationship? What about the women who are married who also need support or advice?

There are hundreds of charities for women, but we were asked to have a female arm to Mighty Men of Valour.

It is because of this Women of Valour was birthed.

Women’s Conferences and Mentoring

Our first conference was very controversial and focused on the film Petty Woman, the title of the conference was called “Pimps and Prostitutes vs. Husbands and Wives”. The event was an all-women conference where women could discuss the “knight in shining armour “concept and do young women need to be rescued by a man and where does this ideal come from? Do young women have this picture in their heads and if this ‘dream’ does not happen, does this affect them psychologically and emotional and how is the disappointment expressed?

Since this conference Women of Valour has begun mentoring support for women, careers advice and support and relationship advice and counselling for those who want to have a family and find a suitable partner, We have also developed support for women who are in relationships/married and who need support with the family.

Mum’s Breakfast’s

Women of Valour has already started supporting a number of women in Primary Schools as part of their Mum’s Breakfasts which have become very popular and we are planning to have women only discussions and events on number of topics to encourage daughter and mum’s networks.

We hope that Women of Valour extends it support to women all over the world and where we can tackle issues such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Forced Marriages and Domestic Violence.

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